It certainly comes as no surprise when a stallion prospect suddenly jumps up out of Florida reports Alan Porter.

Mr. Prospector, Kris S., Saint Ballado, started out there before making the move to Kentucky, and within the last 15 years or so, it’s been the springboard to freshman sire crowns for End Sweep, Valid Expectations, and Successful Appeal.

So, it’s no great cause for astonishment when we find that this year’s current leading freshman sire also commenced his career in the Sunshine State. What is less predictable is that unlike End Sweep, Valid Expectations, Successful Appeal, and Wildcat Heir (last year’s world record-breaking leader by individual winners) – all of whom had obvious potential as sires of fast, precious horses – this year’s star would be a classically-bred middle-distance horse who reached his peak at five.

That, however is the profile of CONGRATS.

By Alan Porter

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