Inspection dates: from the 23rd of February 2021
Sale dates: the 28th of February – 2nd of March 2021

For more information about each of our horses offered click on their Lot number. There you’ll find photos, pedigrees, selling time, sale and inspection information, and pedigree updates by clicking on the Lot number links.

Lot Col Sex Sire Dam
6 Bay C All Too Hard Elan Grenadine
W Brown C Headwater Innishbeg
121 Bay F Vancouver La Sevena
143 Bay C More Than Ready Liten Prinsessa (NZ)
257 Bay F All Too Hard Proposal
262 Bay C More Than Ready Purrpurrlena
267 Bay C More Than Ready Quiet Meadow (USA)
271 Bay C All Too Hard Raischek
273 Bay C Star Turn Rather Sweet
287 Bay C I Am Invincible Risque (NZ)
301 Chestnut C Star Turn Sacred Choice
428 Brown C Shalaa Volcanic Eruption
456 Bay/Brown F All Too Hard Zolani
485 Chestnut C All Too Hard Antelope