Inspection dates: from the 6th of January 2021
Sale dates: the 12th – 18th of January 2021

For more information about each of our horses offered click on their Lot number. There you’ll find photos, pedigrees, selling time, sale and inspection information, and pedigree updates by clicking on the Lot number links.

Lot Col Sex Sire Dam
20 Bay C Written Tycoon Afleet Esprit
34 Chestnut F More Than Ready Allez Wonder
35 Bay C Headwater Alma’s Angel
114 Brown F Star Turn Bonded
174 Chestnut C Star Turn Cocoexcel
250 Chestnut C Capitalist Eiffel Tower
304 Bay F More Than Ready Fill Me Up
314 Bay C Snitzel Fit And Ready
340 Bay F Russian Revolution Gipsy Countess (IRE)
430 Bay C All Too Hard Kachiko
464 Chestnut C More Than Ready Lasoron
568 Bay C Russian Revolution Moretti
577 Bay C I Am Invincible Mousai
649 Bay C Shalaa Pocket Power (USA)
724 Chestnut C Headwater Rosenet
736 Brown C Shalaa Sagamiyna (FR)
776 Chestnut C More Than Ready Sharpness
800 Brown F More Than Ready Single Style (NZ)
824 Bay F Star Turn Spoleto (USA)
972 Brown/Black C Flying Artie Late Spring (USA)
1043 Bay C All Too Hard Poppet’s Treasure (GB)
1220 Chestnut F Headwater Dayeala (NZ)